Bard Courses (course catalog here):

First-year Seminar (100 level)
LIT 103 – Introduction to Literary Studies
LIT 140 – Introduction to Media (cross-listed with Experimental Humanities)
LIT 201 – Narrative / Poetics / Representation
LIT 243 – Literature in the Digital Age (cross-listed with Experimental Humanities)
LIT 2026 – Introduction to Children’s and Young Adult Literature (cross-listed with Gender  & Sexuality Studies)
LIT 2029 – The Medium and the Message: Focus on Language
LIT 2082 – Multimediated Medievalisms: Arthurian Afterlives (cross-listed with Medieval Studies and Experimental Humanities)
Lit 2218 – Children’s Fantasy Literature in Cultural Conversation
LIT 2505 – Early English Literature Reanimated: The Further Adventures of the Body and Soul (team-taught w/ Prof. Lianne Habinek; cross-listed with Gender & Sexuality Studies)
LIT 3018 – Medievalisms (cross-listed with Medieval Studies and Experimental Humanities)
Lit 3046 – Woman as Cyborg (cross-listed with Experimental Humanities and Gender  & Sexuality Studies)

Other University-level Teaching:
Paper 1: The History of the English Language (University of Oxford)
Paper 3b: Middle English (University of Oxford)
College tutorials in Children’s Literature (University of Oxford)
Images of Youth: 20th c. Children’s and YA Literature (Advanced Studies in England, Bath)

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